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Sudberry Properties, Inc. will shortly be commencing the grading operation for Phase 2 of El Corazon.  The grading operation will encompass approximately 36 acres.  Soil generated by this operation will be exported to two other areas of El Corazon (approximately 54 acres) and placed, compacted and graded to allow for a future park or other development. 

The export operation will be done via two haul routes running west and north from the site.  Grading is anticipated to start the end of August, 2023 and will take approximately 60-65 weeks to complete.  Work will occur during City approved construction hours.

Copies of the Grading Plan & Disposal Plan are on file with the City of Oceanside.

Any questions may be directed to:

Mark Radelow
SVP, Director of Development
Sudberry Properties, Inc.

El Corazon Phase 2 Grading Map.jpg
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