El Corazon, the “heart” in Spanish  is a city-owned parcel of 465 contiguous acres located in the center of Oceanside.  On August 31, 2011, the City Council approved the selection of Sudberry Properties/Soccer Field of Dreams as the developer for El Corazon, following unanimous support from the Economic Development Commission (EDC) and staff. El Corazon is currently planned to contain a mix of land uses including parks and recreation, retail, residential and a hotel. The first phase of development is home to the SoCal Sports Complex, a group of 20 athletic fields built as a unique public/private partnership between Sudberry Properties and the city of Oceanside. SoCal Sports Complex is now open and hosting tournaments throughout the year. 

2014 Completed Phase One - SoCal Sports Complex 

Residential and Retail in Pre-Development

Size: 465 Acres

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