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Retail Development Projects

Bird Rock

Bonita Point Plaza

Breakwater Town Center

Canyon Hills Marketplace

Carmel Mountain Ranch Home Center

Carmel Mountain Ranch Town Center

Civita (Entitled 2008/Pre-Development Retail/Office/Mixed-Use)

Discovery Place

EastLake Village Marketplace

El Corazon/SoCal Sports Complex

Fallbrook Towne Center

Fenton Marketplace

Fletcher LLC

Henderson West (Entitled 2020/Pre-Dev. Retail/Office/Mixed-Use)

Los Angeles Historic Broadway

Millenia Commons and Millenia Place

Murrieta Gateway

Otay Ranch Business Park

Palomar Commons

Perris Valley Spectrum

Rancho San Diego Town & Country (Phase II)

Rio Vista Shopping Center

Sabre Springs Marketplace

Solana Beach Marketplace

Spring Valley Marketplace

Spring Valley Town Center

The Hub at Scripps Ranch 

The Marketplace at Santee

The Watermark (Pre-Development Retail/Office/Mixed-Use)

Tri-City Crossroads

Village Walk at EastLake



12,000 sf

106,000 sf

43,700 sf

114,000 sf

123,000 sf

172,000 sf
±500,000 sf

30,000 sf

420,000 sf

25,000 sf

130,000 sf

560,000 sf

55,800 sf

450,000 sf

76,000 sf

138,800 sf

224,000 sf

±14,000 sf

±185,000 sf

550,000 sf

103,000 sf

263,000 sf

45,000 sf

25,000 sf

45,000 sf

105,000 sf

10,700 sf

71,000 sf

425,000 sf

256,000 sf

162,000 sf

5,440,000 sf

Office/Industrial Development Projects

Activity Distribution Center

Brandywine Industrial Center

California Crossings (In Development)

Civita (Entitled 2008/Pre-Development)

Cornerstone Business Center

El Corazon

Envisions Headquarters

Henderson West (Entitled 2020/Pre-Development)

MedImpact Corporate HQ

MedImpact II

Milestone Business Center

Miramar Distribution Center

Ocean View Hills

Oceanside Distribution Center

Otay River Business Park

Pacific Point Business Center

Rancho Del Oro/Commerce Point

Terraces at Copley Point


252,000 sf

157,000 sf

449,680 sf

±500,000 sf

116,000 sf

465,000 sf

53,000 sf

170,000 sf

155,000 sf

158,000 sf

65,000 sf

413,000 sf

653,000 sf

143,000 sf

±550,000 sf

82,000 sf

297,000 sf

530,000 sf

5,070,818 sf


Circa 37

West Park


The Brynn (Under Construction)

The Hub at Scripps Ranch 

Luma at El Corazon (Under Construction)
Hillcrest - Washington Street (Under Construction)

Mariners Village

Hyde Park Apartments (Dallas) 

Hidden Valley Estates (Fort Worth) 


Civita (Entitled 2008/Pre-Development)

Henderson West (Entitled 2020/Pre-Development)
Rio Vista West

306 units

612 units

434 units

200 units

260 units

268 units

139 units

172 units

267 units

352 units

3,010 units

4,780 units

2,920 units

1,600 units

9,300 units

Hampton Inn at Breakwater (Completed July 2020)

Element at The Watermark (Pre-development)

Henderson West (Pre-development)


101 rooms

140 rooms

250 rooms

491 rooms

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